Ogre related Code Snippets


Geomipmapping paging landscape scenemanager with real time deformation

Here is Ogre 1.2 SDK compatible PLSM2 :

(both download needs also datasrcs download to work)

Here is 4 maps mandatory for Demo, Source and Even CVS : puget(1024x1024), grand canyon, Alpes, and a 16 bits heightfield from Terragen download , unzip it in the media directory, getting "media/paginglandscape2/terrains/datasrcs/" as subdirectory of plsm2 (mandatory to run the demo.)

Unzip, run mapsplitter, run demo, Hit F1 for help.

Look at Ogre Wiki for a very detailed explaination and walktrough and/or Ogre addons forum for questions

Thanks to william de boer, antiarc, janders, jeff leigh, sinbad, spoke, and many anonymous contributors.

plsm2 is in OgreAddons CVS

Ogre Mesh Viewer Next Gen

Permits viewing, optimizing, playing animation on Ogre binary and XML files.

source code: zip or installer (recommanded)

SDK 1.4.x compatible Binary: zip or installer

(ninja in pieces)

forum thread here

OgreBullet (26 October 2007)

Bullet Physcal Library Wrapper and Demos

Bullet is an Opensource Next Gen Collision and Physic engine.

Binary Demo installer
Source SDK win32 Installer
Zip Source Code


OgreOde (26 October 2007)

Ode Physcal Library Wrapper and Demos

Binary Demo installer
Source SDK win32 Installer
Zip Source Code


Impostor Demo

Real-time Impostoring using BillboardSet and Packed RenderTexture.(updated 10 may 2006)

Impostor: source code

Impostor: Executable Demo

(3000 meshes at 200 fps)

forum thread here

Flag Demo

Real time Flag waving in the Wind using some raw physic simulation.

Flag: code

forum thread here

Spring Grass Ogre

Grass that waves upon a sphere moving inside

source Code

forum thread here and new source code here updated by "atsakir"

External Hosted Ogre Game/Sample/Code Repository


Grall : Game installer Win32

forum thread here

Sky scattering

Caleum Sky : code | media | sample

forum thread here

Web Cam Plugin

Web Cam Plugin : | Binary Demo | Plugin and Demo Source Code

forum thread here

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